Film Highlights

Flesh and the Devil|Queen Christina|Camille|Ninotchka|Grand Hotel|Anna Karenina

Flesh and the Devil - 1927 MGM

Her first film with the then top romantic lead John Gilbert. Garbo is at her seductive best as a woman who causes a fued between two friends. Gilbert is an Austrian officer, falls for the married Garbo and kills her husband in a duel. Great film with a surprise ending.  

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Queen Christina - 1933 MGM 

Probably Garbo's best film, with a haunting performance by the radiant star as 17th-century Swedish queen who relinquishes her throne for her lover (shown in a scene at right with actor Lewis Stoneas as her Chancelor).  Garbo and Gilbert's love scenes together are truly memorable, as is the famous final shot. Don't miss this one. 

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Camille - 1937 MGM 

Beautiful MGM production; in one of her most famous roles, Garbo is Dumas' tragic heroine who must sacrifice her own happiness in order to prove her love. Taylor is a bit stiff as Armand, but Daniell, Joan Brodel (Leslie) is a superb villain. Filmed before in 1915 (with Clara Kimball Young), 1917 (Theda Bara), and 1921 (Nazimova, with Rudolph Valentino as Armand). 

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Ninotchka - 1939 MGM 

Amid much outdated sociological banter, a lighthearted Garbo still shines. Lubitsch's comedy pegged on tale of cold Russian agent Garbo coming to Paris, falling in love with gay-blade Douglas. Supporting cast shows fine comedy flair. Script by Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett, and Walter Reisch was basis for Broadway musical and film SILK STOCKINGS. 

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Grand Hotel - 1932 MGM 

Vicki Baum's novel and play of plush Berlin hotel where "nothing ever happens." Stars prove the contrary: Garbo as lonely ballerina, John Barrymore her jewel-thief lover, Lionel Barrymore a dying man, Crawford an ambitious stenographer, Beery a hardened businessman, Stone the observer. Scripted by William A. Drake. Best Picture Oscar winner; a must. Also known for the line she uttered in this film "I want to be alone".

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  Anna Karenina - 1935 MGM 

Tolstoy's tragic love chronicle makes excellent Garbo vehicle, with fine support from March as her lover, Rathbone her husband, and Bartholomew, her adoring son. Filmed before with Garbo as LOVE. 

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Academy Awards

 Nominated for Actress 1929: ROMANCE
 Nominated for Actress 1929: ANNA CHRISTIE
 Nominated for Actress 1937: CAMILLE
 Nominated for Actress 1939: NINOTCHKA
 Honorary and Other Awards 1954. For her unforgettable screen performances. Winner presented a Statuette.